It’s Just Me

Did you think that this website was a highly branded and professional company? Did you think that this blog was a carefully curated symphony of ideas and wisdom?

I didn’t think so.

I [think that] I would love it if I came across as polished, professional and savvy in everything that I was doing. I would also like it if my website didn’t have so many stock photos that it feels you’ve just landed on an unused domain name. (Actual comment from someone who visited the site.)

I realized something tonight. I am not interested in building a glossy and immense business. That isn’t why I am doing any of this. I am interested in making an impact. Maybe I won’t look like the most significant and most perfected business. If I can help a group* of people to do better work, then I have succeeded.

If I resonate with you, stick around to continue the conversation. If you need to find a more polished company to help you get your projects done on time, and to do better work, by all means, follow them. (And me us the link because I’d love to get better at what I do.)

I hope that you stick around though. I am not a flawless corporation; I’m just one person trying to make a difference. And I’d enjoy your company as we made our impacts together.

* I’m not going to say ‘If I help just one person. . . .’ because that isn’t true. I want to be able to help you do better work so that you can help others with whatever you are uniquely gifted to do. And so the ripple continues.