It’s Not That Simple

When someone is struggling with something that seems easy to us we tend to want to say, “It’s easy” or “It’s simple, just do this. . . ” And while it is true that the solution seems simple to us, it won’t necessarily be for the other person. We have a unique curation of knowledge, training, skill, and life experience that makes something easy for us. The other person has their own path, which gives them a different perspective.

A truly helpful expert won’t say, “it’s simple.” They will humbly acknowledge that it is difficult and complicated. And then they will provide some shortcuts and helpful pointers which will guide another person to a greater understanding of what they can do to succeed.

It’s not that simple, even if it seems that way to you. It seems simple because you have walked that road repeatedly before. Use your experience to quickly help the next person get to a place where they think it is simple.