It’s Not What You Have

It’s not what you have; it’s what you contribute.

I find that I often feel inferior in professional conversations because I don’t have the same level of education, experience, connections, or credentials as other people. Even though people don’t exclude me from their conversations, I suffer imposter syndrome all the time, which causes me to question whether my ideas add any value.

I’ve come to realize that many people are smarter than I am. Many people are much better educated (just say the letters MBA, and I feel like my ideas are commonplace compared to anything that you say.) There are many people who have better ideas, more opportunities, or better networks than I.

But what I do have, is a desire to contribute.

From my religious background, my gift would is identified as the spiritual gift of serving. With an INFP personality, I am the one who is the mediator and looking to move work forward no matter what. This urgency to see progress is what drives me to learn more and grow more in my personal life also.

I don’t always have what others do, but I can still contribute. So I choose to do what I have been gifted to do and keep giving.