It’s OK, But It’s Not Final

It’s OK to be who you are.

Everyone will tell you that you are supposed to be something different, or more, or better. But even though it’s OK to be where you are, you shouldn’t expect that where you are is where you will finally end up.

You might think that you have arrived and that you don’t need to put any more work into getting what you want out of life. You should be aware that if you don’t continue to maintain your mountain top, you will slowly slide down the other side. Think about any time that you have been on a diet and achieved your target weight. It is very easy to lose your place because you aren’t maintaining the effort to eat healthily.

You might think that you are a long way from your mountain top. You should also recognize and accept where you currently are. It doesn’t make you a failure because you haven’t arrived at your destination yet. No one feels that your flight from LA to New York is a failure because you are currently flying over Iowa.* Being partway through your trip is not a failure; it is a place that is OK because you are moving towards your destination.

Whether you feel you have arrived, or you feel you will never arrive, you are OK. Just be aware that neither state is final.

(*I don’t know if Iowa is on the route from LA to New York, I just know that it is near the middle of the country.)