Join the Movement

I’m an introvert. That means I am much more comfortable sitting behind my computer and writing a blog than I would be at a party mingling and meeting people. Don’t get me wrong, I love people. People are really, really valuable. It’s just that the way that I am built I gain energy by being alone. I love being with people to find solutions to struggles and problems, I love helping people do something new, I love it when someone teaches me something that I did not know before. And at the end of the day, I love finding some quiet time where I am alone and can recharge my battery. Knowing who I am, and how I operate, I realize that I have something important that I would like you to help me with this month. I want you to be part of a 10,000 strong army who believes that automation can help enhance work to increase employee engagement – so that work is better for the employee and the business.

Right now there is no multitude of 10,000 people who have said that they want automation to increase employee engagement. But I know that in everyone’s hearts they want to be fully engaged in the work that they do.┬áMihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduced us to the concept of flow. And we all know what it feels like when we are listless and un-engaged at work. We want to make sure that whatever we do with automation increases people’s engagement, not causes them to become even more of a cog in a machine.

As we gather together, 10,000 strong, I don’t want this to be a marketing gimmick, or a chance to build an ’email list.’ This is about being a part of a movement for good. Sure, we’ll send out emails sometimes, and we’ll talk about the products and approaches that can help deepen employee’s work experience. Our core purpose of coming together is so that we can figure out how we can make sure that the next wave of automation doesn’t make work even more disengaging for employees. We must find commercially viable ways to engage employees with automation.

We will grapple to find ways for automation to make work more engaging for millions of people. We win when someone finds work more enjoyable because of automation. Join us as we do this together.