Just Because It Hasn’t Worked Yet . . .

There are two huge lessons are being lived out in my life this weekend:

  1. “Doesn’t matter whether it was a hit or not, it just matters that you shipped it.” (Seth Godin – December 30, 2010)
  2. If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. (Reid Hoffman – 2017)

This weekend I launched a voice first social media platform.

Post your thoughts for the world to hear. You can listen to the ideas that other people have going through their head, and they are willing to tell you about.

You don’t have to type to give your updates. You don’t have to follow anyone; you can just talk to us and tell us how you are doing. And you can listen to how we are doing.

Visit and join:


Hasn’t This Been Done Before?

I was surprised to see how many tries at voice-first social media have been developed, and how none have gained a lot of traction (yet.) Telling people about my day has quite a rush to it. And I’d love to hear a commentary about other people’s days.

Here is a list of voice-first social media offerings:

You might find something that you like on this list. Or you might find that a simple approach is more your style. Post about your day, listen to what other people are saying. Check out voicefirst.online today.