Just Do It!

“Just Do It.” is Nike’s slogan. I take no credit for the slogan, but sometimes we all need to live by this maxim.

There are many times in our lives where we stop ourselves because we are scared of the future. We don’t know what people will say if we take this risk. We aren’t sure if our work will be successful. We don’t know if we should start this project because it could be a waste of time and money. We all give many reasons as to why we won’t act.

Whether you succeed or fail in your next endeavour, you won’t know unless you act. If you sit and wait for something amazing to happen to you, you are playing the goodness lottery, and it isn’t likely that you win. If you act, you will have moved yourself forward, and have learned something. You might not win as you expected, but if you ensure that your failure isn’t fatal, you will be better the next time you play the game.

Basketball practice isn’t successful if you score on every shot you take. Your training is successful if you do a bit better than yesterday. The accurate measure of success is the number of games you win over the long run. You might lose a few games, but if you keep working on it, practice well, and have good coaching, you’re bound to improve.

There are a million reasons why you should play it safe right now. You can tell yourself it is a good time to play it safe and be content with what you have. You should be content, but don’t let contentment be an excuse for complacency. Get out there; make a change in the world. Act for the benefit of other people. Don’t keep your gifts to yourself. The world needs it more than ever. Go: Just Do It.