Keep On Going

I’m in the middle of a personal project right now that is very tedious. It requires a lot of work to keep going. I can see that I am about 20% successful right now. 20% sounds like a good start, but it feels like a long bridge to cross to get to 100%.

This road is going to take months. And then months after that to hold the new routine in place. And then more months after that of monitoring to make sure that I am not slowly slipping backwards. And then probably more.

So what is the best way for me to deal with this project? Keep on going. Yesterday I wrote about target conditions. In the short-term, I can’t see any benefit to the changes that I am making. But I need to focus on the target condition. I need to make sure that I get done today what I need to get done. And then I need to keep on going.

Then when the day really grinds me down, and I don’t feel like I am making progress. I need to make a move towards being within the target condition. And then I need to keep on going.

Will I get there? Will I hit the target? Maybe not. The frustrating part is that every day I am a failure at hitting the target. When I hit the target, I won’t need to shoot for it anymore. The only chance I have though is if I hit the target condition every day. There is no sudden fix here.

And so I keep on going.

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Slow progress forward. I am trying to be within target conditions daily.