Kindness, Determination and Loneliness

[Subtitle: Decisions]

You make the hard decisions in loneliness. Even if you discuss the options and get input from a thousand wise people, it isn’t a thousand smart people who are making your decision. It will be lonely because you are the only one in the world who can make the decision. And once you do, you must follow through on the action required to execute the next step.

Sometimes the decision will mean that you have to deliver some hard results that people won’t like. They might hate you for it. It may feel painful to them in the short run. But once you make the best decision that you can with the knowledge you have, you must be determined in your heart to carry it out. Don’t waver from your decision.

You will be lonely when you make the decision. You may feel unloved when you execute the decision. No matter what reaction people have, always respond with kindness. Be kind when you talk about the decision. Be kind when they express emotion. Be kind even if people are not.

People may not like the decision, but we already knew that making decisions is lonely. People may hope that you will change the decision, but you will remain determined. People may expect that the decision personal. They may think that the decision is intended to bring them down a step as a human. Your kindness will show that they are valued.