Lack Of Time Is Not An Obstacle

Lack of time is not an obstacle. The amount of time that you have is simply a constraint that you have to work within. If you consider the fact that you have more work than you have time in your day to be a barrier to success, then you consider yourself a victim. You feel that you would succeed if only there were more time. (Likely, we also feel that we didn’t have enough money, or skill, or other resources.)

But we need to change the story we tell ourselves. The amount of time is simply the sandbox that you have to play in when you want to get something done. Do you need to develop an app? You have 45 hours to complete it. Make sure that your coding efforts, testing, and user feedback work all will fit within the hours you have. This might mean that you have to scale back on the requirements that you deliver, but you certainly can finish an app in 45 hours.

Choose to view your limitations as the outline of the picture that you have to colour in. You can colour outside the lines, but it is much better to make a masterpiece within the gameboard that you have.

Expanding Your Territory

The amazing thing about viewing your time as a constraint rather than an obstacle is that when you play within your constraints, you quickly expand your territory. If you deliver an app in 45 hours, someone is going to notice. You might end up with a second developer to help you code the next phase. Or you will learn valuable lessons that help you to double your productivity for the next app. Operating within your constraints doesn’t make you weak; it makes you stronger. A weight lifter doesn’t get stronger by tugging on weights that she can never move. She becomes stronger because she lifts something that she can, even for a brief period. Lifting what she can makes her stronger and increases what she lifts the next time.