Learn One Thing At a Time

Sometimes when I am in a new situation, I can begin to feel overwhelmed because I don’t know what I should do next. I tend to look at all of the possible paths and to try to learn everything I need to as quickly as possible so that I can make the right decision. But in situations where everything is new, I can end up trying to learn one new thing after another, all simultaneously. Learning many new things simultaneously is simply multitasking your learning. And it isn’t effective.

What is more effective is to take one area and focus on learning that quickly. Once you have a basic grasp on the new concept, stop and start to learn the next concept. Don’t too much time on each new concept. Only grasp the next simple building block of the idea, because moving on to the next idea will solidify your knowledge and give you a more significant context.

Don’t try to learn everything at once, especially in highly fluid situations. Quickly learn one small thing at a time. Each piece of knowledge will add to your foundation of knowing everything that you need to address the situation.