Learn Something New

Sometimes we make the mistake of learning the same thing over and over again. We may have a particularly familiar and comfortable topic, so we stick with that topic’s recurring themes and never explore the outer edges of what we could possibly know.

An example of learning the same thing over and over again could be if you are learning sales. You might read, watch and listen to everything that you can about how to sell your product. You could know everything there is to know about prospecting, qualifying leads and dealing with objections. And if you continue to listen and read, you’ll get more information: this is good. But you might also be learning yourself into a rut. Suppose you stepped outside of the narrow topic of sales and learned about customer service, negotiation, or even strategic thinking. In that case, you might suddenly find that your sales conversations are so much more effective.

Having a key focus isn’t a bad thing. But don’t become so focused that you don’t learn from unexpected areas. Learn something new today.