Let’s Grow Together

I started blogging every day about a year ago. This last year has been fun. I’ve connected with some neat people, but primarily my blog has been about me writing something interesting for myself every day. One of my early goals was to become a good enough writer that I would be interested in reading my own material some time in the future. When I first started writing, even I didn’t find myself that interesting.

I have gotten to the point where I look back at some of the material that I have written, and it engages me. It reminds me of what I was thinking or challenges me not to abandon habits that I am trying to build. In short, I’ve accomplished my goal of being interesting to myself.

The Next Stage

So now that my year of narcissistic writing is over, I’m ready to move into another stage. I’ve decided that I will try to blog every day for one more year. But this year, I’d like to focus on being more helpful in my blog. I’m going to try to find more real-world problems that I can give practical answers to. I want to write about issues that people are dealing with, and that I have seen been solved elsewhere. In short, I want to be more helpful.

So, let me know: what would be helpful in a blog about project management and project leadership? What can I help with? How can we grow together?