Make It A Good Experience

When you deliver your project, it isn’t the service that you provide, or the change that you make, but rather the experience that people have that they will remember. You must acknowledge that people’s experience that impacts how they will relate to you, and the change that has been made, in the future. If you recognize the need to give people a good experience, then you will change the way that you are delivering your projects. In the following sections, we explore two different areas where we often focus on the wrong outcomes, rather than providing a pleasant experience.  

Definition Of Experiences

First, let me define what we mean by experience. The dictionary tells us that one definition of experience is “something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through.” For something to be a good experience, a person must feel that they have lived through and is involved in whatever is happened. 

The Experience of Planning

In our projects, we often fall short by giving stakeholders a good experience in the planning phase. Sometimes we leave our stakeholders feeling that they didn’t get a say in developing the plan. At other times we act like we are the experts, and our stakeholders couldn’t possibly have the valuable input into the process. There are also times when we remember to include our stakeholders for parts of the planning (often at the beginning), but then we forget to keep them involved throughout the project. None of these scenarios provide a good experience for stakeholders. And if you continue to miss, including stakeholders in the planning, they will not be willing to return to the experience in future projects. 

Delivering Results

Few things give people more satisfaction than seeing something completed. But often we are leading projects, we forget to include all of the stakeholders in the moments of achievement. The moment that you hit a milestone in your project is the moment to gather your project team and experience the moment of success. Make this an enjoyable experience so that people both remember the good moments and work hard to make the same thing happen again in the future. 


There is so much to say about creating excellent experiences for everyone involved in your projects, but the most critical concept to remember is that you are delivering an experience, not an outcome, product or service. 

Further Reading

A surprisingly old (20 years) book and HBR article about the Experience Economy outline predicts (and now reports) how we have moved from a service economy to an experience economy. 

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