Make It Easy To Explain

When you are working on your project, it must be easy for other people to explain. If it is easy to explain, you know that people can talk to each other about the work. You also recognize that people who can teach others know the subject very well. The best way to know if you have made your project easy to describe is to ask, “Could my friends describe what I do in two sentences?”

You Go First

If you want other people to be able to talk about the change that you are making, you need to make sure that you can explain it well yourself. When someone asks you what you are doing for a specific project, be ready with an answer that will tell them exactly how the world will look different once the project is complete, and how you will make the change happen. If you consistently repeat your description of the project, others will start to understand what you are accomplishing, and they will be able to tell others about it.

What Are Your Two Sentences?

To figure out what your two sentences for your project are, follow this formula: 

  1. Explain why you are doing the project. 
  2. Explain who the change benefits.
  3. Explain what you are doing for the project. 

The challenge is to explain these three points succinctly in two sentences. 

Some Examples

Status Page Project

Employees who love the web-apps they use will do better work, but if the web-app seems broken, the employee can become frustrated. We’re creating an app status-page that can help employees know when apps aren’t working so that they don’t have to wonder if they are doing something wrong. 

Dashboard Project

Users should have a consistent experience with applications every time. A dashboard showing transactions and access points will help administrators quickly see if there is a change in user behaviour that needs to be addressed immediately.