Make Your Customer Succeed

How do you want your customer to succeed?

When you have a clear vision of what success looks like for your customer, you will naturally gravitate towards doing work to help them reach success. At FortyFour-Three, success is when a customer can begin using software that improves their business processes. Anything that we buy should help us towards this goal. I get frustrated with vendors when they aren’t helping us move towards that goal. When a vendor understands what we are trying to accomplish, it’s worth it to spend extra money to have them help us. If the vendor helps us achieve our goal, it is good for us, because it means more revenue as our customers achieve their goals. If a vendor delivers an average product which we have to customize to achieve our goals, it isn’t that special.

You must be the vendor who helps your customers succeed. Know your customers well enough to help them. Then offer products that will move them to the next level. If you become known as the company that helps people achieve what they are trying to accomplish, your services will always be in demand.