Maximize Cash

Here’s what I will focus on in the next 2 years: maximizing cash.

The first reaction when an audience hears a statement like this is to tense up and look around to see who is taking advantage of them. This is a common reaction. Most of the time when people talk about maximizing cash they are thinking about making the most amount possible. I also want to get the most cash possible, but I want to play the long game. I don’t want to find some neat trick to separate people from their money. I want to find a way that I can give you something that will help you in some way (make more money, feel happier, provide enjoyment to others.) And in return for the increase that you get, you will be willing to pay something.

If I focus on maximizing cash in the next two years, it is a proxy for maximizing the benefit that I am bringing into the world. If you are willing to pay for something that will make your world and work better, then I have given you a tool to make an impact. And it means that we have a huge group of winners: you, the people you serve, and at the bottom of the list myself.

There are lots of ways that you can measure the impact and benefit that you are bringing into the world. For the next two years, I will measure it by the value that I produce that people will buy.

As an interesting side-note: One of the main pillars of maximizing cash will be to give away knowledge. There are lots of people who can benefit from what I have to share. There is a lot of knowledge that can be given away for free. Maximizing cash won’t mean charging for content that could be free. Maximizing cash will mean having people pay for the work that I can’t do without financial input. For example, I can write a blog daily and post articles about project management for free because I have the capacity to do this. I can’t develop the Project Control software that helps you be engaged in your projects and get them done one time, without some development costs.