Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, and sometimes there is a question about what the season’s greeting should be. But the intention of wishing someone well isn’t to cause them disonance or harm.

When you say ‘good morning,’ there is likely a significant number of people who do not feel that this is a good morning. You don’t say ‘good morning’ because you intend to highlight the fact that you are enjoying the morning and they are not. Instead, you greet someone with a ‘good morning’ because you are telling them that you feel that there is something good about the morning, and you hope that they feel the same way also. If saying ‘good morning’ was hurtful or caused stress, you wouldn’t do it anymore.

The same thinking is true for the season’s greetings you give. The purpose isn’t to highlight differences but to sincerely wish well for another person. You are hoping that they can understand your emotional state, and you hope that they will share the positivity that you feel. If you know it causes friction, you will change your approach.

And so I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope that you enjoy rest, peace, and time with those that are close to you. Merry Christmas.