Minimum Viable Audience

What is the minimum number of units you need to sell in order to make this project worthwhile?

If you had just one person buy-in would that be enough? Do you need 10 people to? 100?

Figure out that number, and then find those people.

Don’t look for the maximum number of people that you can sell to. If you are producing something that makes a difference, how many people have to experience a change in order for you to be successful.

You can calculate this in several ways:

  1. How much money do you need to make back the money that you have put into the project?
  2. How much money do you need to make your time and effort worthwhile?
  3. How many customers do you need before this project feels like a success?

Then don’t try to sell to the masses.

Just go out and find your minimum viable audience. Once you have made a change in these people’s lives, then you can decide if there are more people that you want to impact with this project.

This idea is Seth Godin’s. And it’s a good idea.