Mission Statement – True And Practical

I play around with my mission statement for FortyFour-Three a lot. It’s the joy of being a young company. You get to find out what resonates, and what sticks.

One afternoon I started wondering: “What if we were transparent and practical? What if we say what we do?”

Our mission (at this point in the company):

To make a profit by helping non-profits succeed.

As I played it over in my mind at first, it was hard to reconcile. How come I could say that we were going to make a profit, while non-profits weren’t? But the more I mulled it over, the more it makes sense. No one is offended that the grocery store makes a profit when the food bank purchases food. No one is offended when the electricity company makes a profit to run the hospital. Some companies are designed to make a profit, and some are designed to be non-profits.

Profit is the life-blood of the for-profit company that allows it to live another day. The more profit FortyFour-Three makes, the more it can help non-profits succeed.

So I’m going to bounce this mission statement around a bit. To see if it sticks, or if there is something wrong with it.

Mission: To make a profit by helping non-profit’s succeed.

What do you think? Would you work for a company with a mission like this? Why or why not?