Mission Statement

A mission statement should be simple and easy to evaluate whether you are succeeding in your mission.

To find out how you are doing, turn your mission statement into a question. The answer should be an easy yes/no. In the business planning stage for FortyFour-Three I decided that our mission statement would be: Act to make every process productive. It is easy to figure out if you are living out your mission. Am I acting to make every process productive? If the answer is yes, we are living our mission. If the answer is no, then we have work to do.

As a small company, I could say that we are succeeding in our mission. We are acting to make the processes that we come into contact with productive. If we continue to strive to achieve our mission, we would scale to make more processes productive. With the goal of making all processes productive. The how is unclear. But that is the job of a start-up: to figure out the how.

But that’s not who we are. . .

As we get into the journey, I have realized that our mission shouldn’t be only focused on making processes productive. Our real goal is to make people successful. Making processes productive is a noble cause, and it would make the world a better place, but it is not our cause. We are hear to help people to do their job better. Most likely this means that we will make their processes productive. When we are doing this we want to make sure that we are answering a different question.

When we scale, we want to be able to say that are making more people successful. That is where we want to focus. In order to do this  I want a mission statement that when you ask the question, ‘are you doing this?’ The answer is yes. This yes means that people are getting better.

The products we offer are the same, the benefits to the customers don’t change. The focus does, and I think we are better for it.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce our new mission statement:

Use technology to help people do their job better.

This is what we want to do, this is who we want to be. We hope that we succeed in changing the world!