There are many ways that Monday morning might affect you. No matter what you are feeling on a Monday morning, you can use the beginning of the week as a reminder to reset and evaluate what must be accomplished in the next week.

Monday morning can bring a whole raft of emotions. Some people feel anxious about going into work after the weekend. You might worry about the work that has to be done or the challenges you might face. Some people are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that might come this week. Employees don’t harness the freshness of the week to take advantage of every benefit a Monday can bring.

No matter what you are feeling, you can use Monday as a day to take control of your life from this point forward. Monday morning is a natural starting point. Just like how new years day and your birthdays are times when we naturally think about the year ahead. You can harness the power of Monday morning to set priorities for your projects, your work, and your leadership. When you do, you will find that you can course-correct every week by making little tweaks. Small changes are better than having to rework your project plans when you notice that something is significantly off-the-mark.

Leverage the power of Monday by thinking about the following questions:

  1. What are the three most important tasks or project deliverables that I need to complete this week? Write these down and keep them front-and-centre all week until they are done. Be reasonable about what you might be able to accomplish.
  2. What were the stressors last week? If I could avoid the same stress, what would I have to do? What can I do this week to prevent the same stressor?
  3. What relationships do I need to focus on this week? Project success comes from healthy relationships. If you aren’t intentionally building relationships, you aren’t doing everything you can to maximize your project’s success.

Everyone has a different reaction to Monday. Whatever your sentiment is, you can use the feeling that you have about Monday to be a catalyst for you to move into the future positively.