MVP Project Plan

Last week I told you about the two minimum viable products that I am building. The two projects are:

  1. To get rid of needless typing with an app that recognizes text and types it in for you.
  2. To organize your project by giving you a working task inbox.

Before you do any project you should:
a) Make sure that you walk through the entire project once on paper before you execute it. Don’t lie to yourself about the amount of time and effort that you are going to be able to put into it. Only promise what you know you can deliver.
b) Have the measurements that you will achieve in front of you the whole time. Make sure that you monitor results for at least six months after the project is complete.

Your project plan will include the requirements of the project. It will be vital that you are honest about the requirement gathering phase. Don’t lie to yourself and undersell the amount of time and effort that it will take.

With this in mind, here is my project schedule for the two MVPs. Posting it here is both a good reminder and a way of holding myself accountable for getting the work done.