My Actions – So That People Grow

Because of my actions, other people will be better at who they are.

That is the first line of my mission declaration (previously titled my mission manifesto.) As I was reading The Science of Service by Mark Colgate, I came across some interesting insights from Robert Greenleaf(pg 80.) I had always thought that servant leadership was a fuzzy concept that people talked about when they wanted to describe an altruistic leader. I realize now that Robert Greenleaf researched this type of leader. He even explains that “A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.

Not everyone needs to be a servant leader. It is a choice in how you want to lead. You may want to be a leader that conquers. You may be a leader that innovates or a leader that wants to have people remember you in this world. Whatever leader you chose to be, be intentional about your choice and don’t compromise who you are.

For myself, I want to be a leader who has the growth and well-being of people in mind.