My “No YouTube” Challenge

For the next five days, I am not going to watch YouTube. 

Here are the rules: 

  1. No YouTube unless it is work or training related. 
  2. YouTube music is ok. (Listening only)

I want to think that I don’t watch much YouTube, but I wonder if it is a time-sucker that I could change. 

My regular routine is: I finish my regular work-day, hang out with my family until everything calms down (ie. most everyone goes to bed), do some more work, and then watch some YouTube to relax. My watching habits range from Honest Trailers, to Adventure Racing, to TedTalks, to some sports, music, or general interest learning. 

The hope behind this experiment is to find out whether eliminating one source of entertainment will increase my productivity. The question is: Is YouTube a timewaster or a healthy cool-down activity. 

Your Experiment

What experiment have you run lately to see how you can improve your life?