New Beginnings

It’s Friday, February 1, 2019. And its time for a new beginning.

I am writing this blog post on January 31. If everything goes to plan, I will have stayed up late into the night finishing the project that I have committed to complete this month. I have to create an MVP for the product that reduces needless typing. I don’t know if I will get this done or not, but because I have set the deadline, I have to get it done.

And when my January project is done, I will have a chance at a new beginning. I will be done the two MVPs (minimum viable products) that I said I would have done in January. Now I need to decide what I need to do next with them.

What do you do when you have two prototypes? There are a few directions I can go:

  1. Develop the products into a usable product. To tell the truth, this would be the best plan to have an actual minimum viable product. Right now I have a good description of the product. Both in video and words. A minimum viable product is something that people should be able to use and give them hands-on experience.
  2. Focus on marketing these products in every way that I can. This would mean no development. I would work on learning how to market.
  3. Look at another revenue source or business opportunity.

I am choosing not to do #3. I have two good ideas. If I can’t market the ideas and products that I have, I don’t think that I would have any more success with another product. Eventually, customers or potential customers might tell me to look in a different direction, But if I quit right now looking for another path, I would just be running away from possible success. I’m going to keep on going with these two products.

So do I focus on building the product, or the marketing effort? The answer is both. February will be a month where I continue to develop the software and learn the marketing side at the same time. At the end of February I will have:

  1. A developed product that someone can pay money to use. (I don’t know which product I will develop yet. I’ll let you know.)
  2. A marketing plan that can be run in the month of March to promote this product. The plan will include targets and goals to meet.

Tentative Plan for March

In March I will run the marketing plan, develop the second product, and develop a marketing plan for the second product. I will run the second product’s marketing plan in April.

It’s all pretty ambitious. But do-able. Let’s get at it.