New Territory

Sometimes when we are on vacation, we end up driving somewhere that I have never been to. As we are driving, I imagine what it would have been like for the first explorers. It would have been amazing to be walking through the forest, and coming to a clearing that overlooks a bay or deep river valley. Coming to a stunning lake or cliff face could take your breath away.

Each of us can have the same breathtaking experience as we explore new knowledge territory. I often feel surprised and excited as I read or hear something that I have never known before. It is that moment where the words on the page connect with all of the practical knowledge and experience that I have. I know that I have moved into an area that I have never been to before.

Take time to learn something new every day. Welcome the journey into new territory. It won’t always be a comfortable trip. You won’t always have incredible vistas spread out before you. But the moments when the beauty unfurls before you will be worth it. And those moments you will never lose.