No More Needless Typing

Its January and I want to rid the world of additional typing.

No More Unnecessary Typing

Every day employees read a document, and then type some of that information into another computer system. This happens in finance, where employees read invoices and enter them into a system where they are paid. Or in HR, where employee read a new employee’s name and then enter it into HR when an employee is hired. There are automated ways to get the information from one place to another, but it generally requires that all of the invoices look the same, or that the process be very structured.

When you use the new product you will:

  1. Define the data points that you want to extract from a document.
  2. Select an area on the invoice that will be the data point.
  3. Extract the actual text from the document (using ‘reading’ computer-magic.)
  4. Consolidate all of the data in one place to be imported into your system.

When you use this product, you won’t have to translate from paper text to electronic data. You don’t have to worry about your typos, or being distracted by your multitasking brain.

A graphic of the user interface of the product is below.

Getting rid of extra typing is the first of two minimum viable products (MVPs) that I am building in January. Keep reading to find out more about my progress and other products.