No Silos!

Today we are looking at the ITIL 4 Guiding Principle of ‘Collaborate and promote visibility.” 

We all have had an experience in our working life where someone announces a project that they are working on, and we wish that we had been a part of the work. Maybe the results that were designed didn’t take the end-user into account. It could have been that you had knowledge that would have sped up the delivery. Possibly you had been working on the same problem and could have saved the company a lot of time and effort if you had known what was happening. 

As a project leader, it is your job to ensure that you are communicating regularly about the work that you are doing. Your communication will help in many ways. When you communicate regularly and clearly you: 

  1. Inform the organization of your work so that they can align their activity with what you are doing
  2. Value others in the organization by seeking feedback and input into your work
  3. Begin to get buy-in for the result long before the project is completed. 

Don’t operate in a silo that keeps everyone else at arm’s length. Just because you are tasked with completing this work, it doesn’t mean that you are the only one who has good thoughts and ideas about it. 

Collaborate with others and tell others about what you are doing. And above all: listen to the wisdom that they have to share with you.