Non-Profits Winning

What would the best version of the future look like? What picture of the business do you paint in your mind when someone asks you what future you want to leave for the next generation? 

The future that we want to see is non-profits succeeding. We want to see non-profits:

  • Being transparent in their decisions and their values
  • Delivering exactly what they promised
  • Growing in impact every year
  • Working collaboratively with government and other major funders
  • Reducing the need for the outcomes they are delivering
  • Increasing the capability to deliver the outcomes to a broader audience (people, impact areas, etc.)
  • Having the trust of their constituents and the people who have nothing to do with them
  • Setting targets and having quarterly analyst calls to talk about them
  • Reporting their successes and failures to stakeholders (donors, people receiving service, communities in which they operate.

What would the best future look like? Non-profits winning.

Non-profit corporations have the opportunity to change the world if they deliver on their mission and consistently apply their values. When a non-profit wins, we all win. We can all get behind the need for non-profits to win.