Not-Perfect Is Better Than None?

Lately, my blog-writing has been less-than-perfect. Some of the posts that I write seem just to limp along. Sometimes I am writing quickly. Some posts have been rushed because other priorities have been important and taken my time. With distractions from all aspects of life, I haven’t been able to give the blog un-hindered thought. I sometimes wish that some of my insights are deeper than they have been.

Better Than Nothing?

You might ask the question, “Why continue if it isn’t black-diamond quality?” But the truth is that persevering is worth it. Even though my thoughts might not be Peter Drucker level intelligence, it is possible that something I say still triggers a chain reaction of insights for your experience. As I continue with the discipline of writing daily, I also may plant seeds for future work that we can come back to and discuss. Producing something, even if I wish it were better, is a small step forward.

Don’t get stuck in the fallacy that if you don’t produce something perfect, you shouldn’t release it at all. If you have done the work, release your work to the world. It will benefit you, and it will probably benefit someone else. If you want to make it better, you still have every chance in the world. Don’t with-hold your “not-perfect” offering from the world. Your “not-perfect” may be someone else’s “just-right.”

Is not-perfect better than none? No. if not-perfect is what you have today, it is the perfect thing to put into the world.