Nothing To Hide Doesn’t Mean Everyone Has to Know

I have nothing to hide. But that doesn’t mean that you have the right to know everything about me. You don’t know the last grade that I got in a university class I took recently. I won’t tell you how much I spent on Azure cloud services in the last year. You simply don’t need to know this information right now.

Many brave companies have embraced the open startup movement. They use tools like Baremetrics to tell the world about the success that they are finding. I love open companies because their stories are both informative and encouraging to me. But even these companies don’t tell you every living detail.

We keep some details to ourselves because these conversations are for our closest circle. As humans, we share different information with different people. We have circles of trust. It keeps us safe from being emotionally hurt by someone who wants to take advantage of us. For this reason, when we realize that companies are tracking us, or selling our data to take advantage of us, we feel hurt and angry. We have nothing to hide, but we don’t want to share everything with everyone. And more importantly, we want to be the one who chooses who knows. Being able to tell your own story is important, it is a part of being human.