On Target

The best way to be sure that you hit a bulls-eye is to stand close to the target.

The same concept is true for project delivery. If you want to be sure that you hit your goals for the project, make sure that you don’t set goals that are so far in the future that you have difficulty aiming at them. You may have broad plans for the overall project (i.e. I want to walk to San Fransico, California), but you must set your smaller goals (i.e. I must walk 50km today.) The smaller goals are the ones that you can achieve because you are standing so close to the ‘target.’

The next time you have a project, for example, rolling out a new product line, start by thinking about what short-term targets you must achieve to get to that goal. Because you can see the short-term targets, you are more likely to keep focused and achieve your goal.

Be on target for your small goals, and you will find that you are on target for the bigger change you want to make.