One Core Idea

I want to give you one core idea that you can rally behind. I want to focus you on something that is really important, and really true. Because if we get this one core thing wrong, the next 50 years are going to be a dark and dreary place for employees.

At the beginning of every movement there is a group of people who see the potential of the new way of doing things. In the age of the steam engine there were those who saw the potential, and those who resisted the opportunity. One group of people managed to take advantage of the technology and make scads of money in the industrial revolution. Unfortunately for those who either didn’t see the opportunity, or resisted it, things didn’t turn out so well. Even though production increased to levels that were never experienced before, workers suffered. People were forced to work longer hours than ever before. Children and others were made to work in conditions that no one should endure. And then people started to understand a core idea. Workers had rights. It was important to take care of your workers. People mattered to the company more than the machines that made the work easy.

We are at the another echo of this inflection point in history. We are entering an era of automation. Many tasks that were done by humans last year are being done by automation this year. And again in history we need an army of advocates to rise up. We need to make sure that people don’t just become a part of the automation. We don’t want people to simply be intelligent glue that holds processes together.

So what is the one core idea? What will we all fight for?

When automation comes into your workplace, or as you begin to implement automation. The key thing to remember is:

The purpose of automation should be to make people more engaged in their work. People should love what they do, and automation can help them with that.

This is what we are fighting for: Employees being engaged with work as more automation is implemented in the workplace.