One For The Team

Sometimes you have to take one for the team. In baseball, you might hit a sacrifice fly or bunt so another runner can get a run. In football, you might put yourself in the way of a 250-pound player charging at top speed so that your quarterback has an extra second to complete a touchdown pass. In both cases, there is very little personal gain. But if you didn’t make your sacrifice, your team wouldn’t advance.

Taking one for the team requires that you have a big-picture understanding of the goal of the game. If your goal is to increase your stats or stay safe, you won’t take one for the team. But if you tie your personal success to the team’s success, you will do whatever it takes to help the team win.

The same concept is true for your project and business teams. Everyone should be very clear on how you are keeping score. What have you defined as success? Once you know how you are keeping score, every team member will understand what personal sacrifices they have to make from time-to-time to help the team succeed.

Taking one for the team doesn’t mean that you become a down-trodden pushover. A team player can propel their team to the championship. They will benefit from the bonus as much as everyone else. Your team players can propel you to award-winning levels. This elite level of performance will push you to unprecedented success.

Take one for the team—further, the team’s goal, not your own.