We all want to have options for our future. We all want to be able to know that in the future, we will be able to choose the path that we can take. Having options for tomorrow is dependant on the choices that you make today.

You have a choice tonight whether you will watch Netflix or take an hour course on LinkedIn Learning. If you take the course, you could probably still have time to catch some Netflix.

You have a choice in your project whether you will spend an extra meeting with the new stakeholders that you identified, or just begin building. If you have an additional meeting, you probably can start building almost immediately anyway.

Too often we choose the easy route and limit our options for the future. If you spend your time watching TV, you can’t take the opportunity later when a data science position opens, because you didn’t prepare for the option. If you rush ahead with building before getting input from every stakeholder, you miss the option later of serving multiple groups with the same product.

You can have options for the future, but only if you choose to put the work in now. It’s not a trade-off of possibilities; you aren’t limiting your options now so that you will have options later. Instead, it’s planting a seed, plant the right type of work now so that you can harvest a bumper crop later.

You have options, both now and in the future. Take advantage of them.