At the end of the day, you may feel overloaded. When you think about the amount of work you have to do today, you might feel a weight you can’t describe. Sometimes you might find that you just can’t see your way out of the pile of work on top of you.

What should you do?

Recognize that you are overloaded. Acknowledge that the amount of work that you have is more than you can possibly complete. And start to intentionally do the most important work in your pile.

If you don’t admit that you are overloaded, you will continue to take pieces of work from your pile, but they won’t necessarily be the most important pieces of work. When you don’t recognize your pile of work, you will continue to act as if it is possible that everything will be complete, without considering how you might get the same results with different work.

Acknowledge to yourself and others when you are overloaded. Then address the parts that you can.