Patience and Vision

If you want to be a leader who develops people, you need two things: patience and a vision.

Patience is required to let people be who they are, explore the world from the perspective of their strengths, and make mistakes that will help them learn. As leaders, we tend to jump in and tell people the way things should be done. We feel that it is faster and more efficient to simply explain the steps than to let people discover the outcome in their way. If we are a good leader, we will realize that for people to become the strong contributors that we hope for, we can’t do the heavy lifting for them. People have to learn for themselves and in their own way. The resulting benefit is that you have a broad range of contributions and ideas, rather than only your own ideas. Plus, people take ownership of their work more.

But patience isn’t the only virtue that you need as a leader. To compliment patience, you need a persistent vision. Even though you are patient in helping others find their way to the outcome, you must continue to paint a picture of where you are going. This vision must have an urgency that sweeps everyone along and gives all contributors a focus to aspire to.

Be patient, and share your vision. Its the way that you will help others become better in the future.