Perfectly Planned

Just because it is perfectly planned, doesn’t mean it will be flawlessly delivered.

We have all experienced the situation: you have everything planned out perfectly. Every step, every action is assigned to the right persons. And then there is a glitch. One person stumbles, which causes a domino effect of missed tasks and responsibilities. Soon your perfect plan is a smouldering shell with casualties from the project strewn everywhere.

Well Planned

Don’t aim for perfectly-planned. Aspire to have well-planned projects. A well-planned project focuses on designing the intended outcome of the project. Once you have a clear vision of the outcome and impact, you can plan what needs to be done to get there. As you do your planning, you must leave breathing room for the unexpected. Don’t just leave time and space, instead allow there to be room and flexibility for when the unexpected happens. In the army, communicating the purpose of the project is called the commander’s intent (Slide Deck). The battlefield may look different than the perfect plan, but everyone still understands the purpose, intention, and impact of the success of the project.


A well-planned project has a good chance of being completed, no matter what happens. A perfectly planned project will only be successful if everything goes exactly as it is planned. For the sake of the impact of your project: choose the well-planned path.