• How many projects are currently active in your organization? 
  • What is the collective budget for all of those projects? 
  • How many person-hours are reflected in the project plans? 
  • What will the impact be when the projects are completed? 
  • How do you measure this impact? 
  • What time-period are you measuring the impact over? (Years? Months?)
  • How many of those projects are late? 
  • How many of your projects are early?
  • Which project can you end because the business need changed? 

Key Performance Indicates If you Haven’t Had Them Before

Here are some easy key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should pursue if you aren’t currently measuring: 

  • Number of projects underway
  • Collective budget
  • Number of late projects

If you can tell me this, you have taken the right step forward.

If you don’t have this information in a report that is less than 30 days old. You don’t know where your projects stand.