Pre-planning is when you plan before your planning session. Planning is the act of considering the steps that you need to take to get to a result. Pre-planning is when you are thinking about your plans long before you need them. 

How To Pre-Plan

Pre-planning likely isn’t something that you can consciously engage in for a future project. Because you simply don’t know what this project will be. But you can be prepared for the planning session when it arrives by being the following: 

  • Be curious. Ask questions about everything. 
  • Try new things. 
  • Learn from the way others do things. 
  • Make notes and set them aside for when you need them. 
  • Draw up plans to projects that you know you aren’t working on. 
  • Propose ideas about the way you think the world should be.
  • Teach someone else about the best way to plan. 

All of these activities will help you think through upcoming plans long before they appear on your radar. You will find that what you have already considered fits perfectly into the plans of a project that you can’t even currently imagine. 

Planning is important. So is pre-planning.