How much does it cost?

Cost of developing the automation: Free!

  • You aren’t paying a developer for something that you might never use.
  • You get to say exactly how it should work. We develop to your specifications.

You only pay for each time you use the automation.

  • You only ever pay for what you use. Like your electricity or water bill.
  • You know the cost of the automation before you run it. — Easy to budget for, easy to compare to the cost of a human doing this work.
  • The cost of each run depends on the complexity of the automation.

But really how much will you have to pay?

The following examples are illustrations of automation costs.

[table id=1 /]

The cost per-use cost of each automation will be different, and it will depend on the complexity of the development.

Since development is free there isĀ no risk to you to explore the automations that can make your business better.