Procrastination Shows Your Priorities

Your procrastination tells me, and yourself, a lot about what your priorities are. We all procrastinate on some task at some time. Procrastination is just the act of putting a task of until another time, usually until we feel like it.

There are times and situations where putting a task off is a good thing. It might be good for your health, problem solving creativity, or for motivation. But a lot of time we put tasks off, just becauseĀ we don’t feel like doing it. This type of procrastination tell you something about your priorities. In her book Be Bad First by Erika Anderson the author talks about the fact that before you do anything, you have to have the aspiration to do it. If you want to get up early and work out, you have to want to. If you want to start a business, you have to want to. The problem is that there are things that we just don’t aspire to do, and so we procrastinate. And this procrastination sets our priorities.

I might want to start a business, get a new job, and lose 20 pounds, but all of these goals are just dreams that will never occur unless I sit down and do a task that will take me towards this goal. Procrastinating, or putting that task aside, just says that it isn’t important enough for me to work on. I don’t aspire enough to the end-goal to make it happen.

The trouble with procrastination is that ignoring an immediate task today means that you lay one less brick into the structure of your long-term goals. Putting something off means that you don’t build towards what you say your priorities are.

So here is the action we all need to take:

  1. Know and reflect on what your priorities are.
  2. Act on the one task that moves you towards that priority.
  3. Return to #1