Product Development For My Business

I wonder if it is boring for you to watch me talk about how I am developing my business. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about documenting the journey, but I wonder if my journey is interesting to anyone but myself. Drop me a comment below or a tweet at me (@fortyfourthree) about what you parts you are finding intriguing or boring.

Yesterday I defined what groups of people for whom FortyFour-Three will provide service. Any person who isn’t a professional project manager can benefit from what FortyFour-Three offers. Today I want to expand on the specific services offered. In a future post, we will set the project plan for how the offerings are developed.

The products/ services I am developing are listed in the order that can start having the most immediate impact. Listing products in the order of impact has two connotations. The first aspect is they are services that I can begin to offering immediately because I have the skill, tools and infrastructure to provide the service right away. The second perspective is that these are services that can immediately start generating revenue. Since this is a business, I never want to lose sight of the need to have revenue. Revenue will be the driver to allow me to continue working to make an impact.

The product list is as follows:

If you are an individuals contributor or businesses who must make sure that their project has the maximum chance of success, you can take advantage of the following products/ services:

  1. Project plan tailored to your specific project. – Know exactly who is doing what, and when they are supposed to be done.
  2. Project Charter – Think through all aspects of the project. How you will communicate, what the risks are, how you will plan, who will sign off on success, how changes are made.
  3. Project Monitoring – We’ll watch your project to tell you if you are on track, or issues of which you need to be aware.
  4. Project close – We’ll help you celebrate, and talk through what you have learned from this project. We’ll put it together in a history of the project in a way that you can remember it for future projects.

If you as an individual need to strengthen the way that you deliver projects:

  1. Courses made up of short practical lessons that you can apply right away.
  2. Project coaching that walks with you through your project to help you get it done on time and most effectively.
  3. Collaboration space: Groups that are organized for people to learn from each other.

Please can join me as I spend time in the next couple of weeks developing plans for how I will deliver each of the offerings. I hope that the journey is interesting and the challenges are surmountable.