Production Value

People just want to be taken care of. When you go to a concert or show you want the lighting to be just right, and the sound to be the right volume for you to be able to hear. You want to be able to see, and you want to be entertained and thrilled. If any of the pieces don’t quite come together, you feel like something was missing.

The same is true of our offering. Whether it is a project result or developing a new product, it is not the only the ‘better mousetrap’ that gives people a feeling of value. People value the whole package. The fact that the iPhone comes in a box that feels good to open is part of the entire iPhone experience. Would the iPhone be as good without it? Probably not.

When you are delivering a project, don’t only think about the results. Think about how the results are delivered, experienced, and interacted with. Make people feel good about taking part in the offering.

Value the whole production, not just the product.