Project End – Measure of Your Success

How do you measure project success?

Often people feel that a project is successful when they get to the delivery date, and the product is released. The feeling of success (aka relief) often is amplified if the project has run late or over budget. Everyone is glad to be finished and to be able to put the project behind them.

You must remember that the purpose of initiating a project is to make a change in the world. Since a change is expected, project success means that the change happens and has a positive impact. A project is successful when you can show that doing the work in the project has a measurable benefit. 

Here are a few items that you should keep in mind when you are determining if your project is a success:

  1. Make sure that you have a way to track your expected results once your project is done. 
  2. Have a way to track spin-off benefits and innovations that come from the delivery of your project. 
  3. Three months after your close project meeting, have a project post-close meeting. Discuss the benefits that the change has made, the further lessons learned, and any additional work that needs to be done as a result of the intervening time. 

The end of your project is the beginning of the change that you are delivering. Measure the change that you are making, not simply the project work that has ended.