Project Inbox

It is a good time to conquer the fog of uncertainty around what you should be working on next.

Most employees have multiple projects in their roster. With the amount of email that comes in, there are multiple threads, connected to different projects. We waste a lot of time figuring out, and remembering, which communication connects. And in the midst of the chaos, we have to figure out what is a top priority, and what will be done next.

Your Project Inbox
Your project inbox functions in the same way that your email inbox functions. You will organize your work in the following way:

  1. When you first log in, there are a bunch of messages that are waiting for you.
  2. Any new messages you can send to a specific project.
  3. Once you have categorized your messages, you can go through your work by project and determine your top priorities for that project.
  4. Your dashboard of the top priorities will tell you the top tasks for your focus.

The inbox and message folders don’t only contain email messages. In addition to email, you can have documents, links, tasks, notes, or other materials.

The Project Inbox is the second MVP that I will be building during January.