Project Management By List

You can do project management by making lists. Start your next project by making the following lists: 

  1. The people are paying for, and giving you the direction to do the work. (Project Sponsors)
  2. The people who will be affected by or have an effect on the work that will be done or the result of the project. (Stakeholders)
  3. The big chunks of work that have to be completed. (Project phases) 
  4. The milestones that need to be accomplished. (Milestones) 
  5. The money that you have to spend and the expenses that you spent it on. (Budget) 
  6. The work that has been achieved to date and what is left to do yet. (Project Schedule) 
  7. The risks that might have a harmful impact on your project. (Risk Register) 
  8. Problems that people have brought up or that you have solved. (Issue Log)
  9. People you have to communicate with, what you want to say to them, when you will connect with them, and how you will say the message. (Communication Plan) 
  10. The top three benefits that you can count to show that the project was successful. (Success Metrics)

If you start by making these ten lists for your next project, you will be well on your way to success. After you make these lists, your next responsibility is to regularly review these lists and update each record as things change. Create and maintain your lists, and you will set a foundation to achieve your work that will change the world.