Project Management Convenience Store

You walk into the well-lit convenience store. You are on a mission. You have your mind on the one item that you need right now. As you walk up and down the aisles, you find what you need, pay and walk out. 

FortyFour-Three is starting a project management convenience store for you. Sometimes you have a specific project management problem to solve. Maybe you need software to help you. It could be that you need education or a book to give to one of your employees. Maybe you simply need advice from other people who are having the same trouble as you are. 

My project in the next couple of weeks is to set up this store for us. In our aisles you will find: 

  • Project management software
  • Books
  • Training
  • Reporting and automation tools

As people start to find our store, we’ll begin to have a conversation with our community. We’ll find out what is helpful and we’ll offer that. How can we help you? What can we do for you?