Project Management Course By Blog – Introduction

The next six days are going to be a short course on project management by blog post. The purpose of this primer on project management is to give you enough knowledge to know what questions to ask next. Project management can seem like a nebulous topic. Sometimes when the ‘experts’ start talking, they use language that excludes people who don’t know the jargon. Project Management doesn’t have to be complicated or complex when you start. 

To be clear: the terms and jargon that more experienced project managers are important. As you continue on your project management journey, you will explore concepts that help you become even more effective in your project management. But when you first start out, you only need to focus on the building blocks that form the foundation for most effective project management work. 

By then end of this short course you will be able to: 

  1. Describe the difference between a project and a process. 
  2. Plan how you will initiate a project. 
  3. Communicate the relationship between the scope, schedule, budget, and quality of the project. 
  4. Define what must be executed in order for your project to succeed. 
  5. Monitor your project’s progress and control the project work so that it is successful. 
  6. Create and implement a measurement plan that shows the impact that the project results are making. 

Why Should You Learn About Project Management? 

We know that the management of people and resources is important. We have supervisors and managers within our organizations who help us achieve the organizational goals and optimize the way we use our resources. 

As someone who works independently or within an organization, jobs are increasingly focused on delivering a specific project result. In the past, you would work on slowly moving the company forward with continuous improvement on the mission and core work of your organization. Now you move your organization forward by projects that jump your organization forward by a step at a time. The flow of consistently delivering projects that create new value moves a company forward. The company’s who can complete projects effectively will be the company’s who win in tomorrow’s market. This is true of for-profit and non-profit organizations.

This blog-course will focus on project delivery in non-profit organizations. To receive the full e-package of this course once it is complete, sign up in the form below. 

I’m looking forward to taking this journey together.